7 Surprising ADHD Symptoms You Need to Look For in Your Child

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What are ADHD Symptoms anyways?

It’s a term so loosely used today concerning Millenials on their phones all the time. The daily requirement of most people to multitask warrants an ADD reference. The truth is ADHD is a very real disorder, with genuine needs and diagnosis. The more we downplay how it is affecting people, the less likely we are to notice when it affects our lives or our children’s lives.
One of my children has an ADHD diagnosis and if I could go back and see these signs sooner, I would.


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The Seven Signs of ADHD in my son I overlooked

Seven signs and symptoms of ADHD you could be overlooking:

1. Your child struggles to stay still, stay seated to eat a meal or sit to watch TV?

If you have to frequently remind your child to return to their seat at dinner or breakfast or anytime in between, ADHD Might be the culprit. (75 Ways to Entertain your ADHD Child this summer!)

2. Your child gets extremely angry quickly over tasks that don’t go as planned or aren’t as easy as they had hoped?ADHD Symptoms

A toy isn’t working correctly. A playmate won’t play the game the way they want them too. When you calmly ask them to revisit it and attempt to help them diffuse the situation they are still frustrated and angry. With each new minute, their blood boils to a new temperature. The emotional Dysregulation of ADHD looks a lot like this. Their angry outbursts might turn into a rage with fists thrown. No matter how much discipline you give, you can’t seem to get this pattern to stop repeating.



3. Your child is bothered by things that seem trivial or unimportant to others, like the tag inside their shirt or the seam of their sock.

Neurotypical children are not bothered by these sense related things. Some ADHD children have symptoms relating to certain senses. Smells, textures, tastes can all arouse a heightened response from their nervous system. My oldest doesn’t like the feel of certain foods, while my youngest can’t handle if his tag in his shirt is itchy. Neurotypical children might not even notice such things at all.

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4. Your child’s teacher or preschool teacher has mentioned that sometimes they don’t seem to hear.Inattentive ADHD Symptoms

Innatentive ADHD can look a lot like an inattentive child. That isn’t the case in children with this primary type of ADHD. Craving stimulation from their outside environment if they don’t receive enough they will revert to inside their minds and think of other things. Unfortunately, this poor coping habit can cause long-term issues in learning.

5. Something else is always more important than responsibilities.

A lot of kids will want to prioritize homework as last on their list. They’d rather be outside; they’d rather play video games, they’d rather play with toys. But Neurotypical children can still prioritize the importance of completing homework. There are consequences to not getting it done on time and they remember that. ADHD children will often forget about it, right up until it is due or just put it off completely. (Read My Tips to Organize Your Life When You Have ADHD!)

6. Your child has nervous/anxious tendencies that they can’t seem to stop.

Do they bite their nails? Bounce their leg? Pick their nose? Chew their clothing or pencils? These anxious behaviors can also be a sign of ADHD. You can read my 35 ADHD & ASD Stocking Stuffers List to help with these anxious tendencies (all for $5.99 or less!). 

7. Your child tells you they Hate School on a regular basis, before Junior High.

Reading and ADHD symptoms and signs

All kids dread school sometimes. But if you’re child says they HATE school, something is wrong. If Matilda’s classmates could find a reason to go to school under the Trunchbull, then your kid shouldn’t HATE school every day. Sometimes it’s bullying, and sometimes it’s testing. Sometimes it’s that they feel dumb because they struggle to learn as quickly as their peers. (Read How We Naturally Combatted ADHD without Medication and Overcame!)

In my personal Experience…

My son hated school, and he was only in second grade. He would beg to be homeschooled, or ask not to have to go. I think he even faked sick a couple of times and it all came down to him needing to feel heard in school. He felt unimportant and dumb. It was a perfect combination for him to start soon acting out to get the attention and recognition he was craving.
He’s in a new school and in a setting where a teacher noticed this about him much sooner than previously. It has made a world of difference, and even though he doesn’t LOVE school as I wish, he doesn’t hate it anymore. His learning has improved as well as his comprehension of every subject. They aren’t kidding when they say Teachers are Angel’s.


I am no medical professional but as parents we all have intuition. Sometimes that intuition can be correct even when doctors or teachers aren’t ready to believe it. If you have reached out to your child’s teacher with concerns about this and your concerns are being overlooked, seek out professional help. Don’t stop until your child feels content with the outcome.

My son’s grades have made drastic improvements since we found out and got serious about taking care of his ADHD. This winter he was recognized by his principal for the highest growth rate from the beginning of the year to the middle of the year in the entire K-8th school he attends.

When you doubt your child’s ability to succeed in school because of these symptoms mentioned above, think of this quote:

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree it will live it’s whole life believing that it’s stupid.”

Your child is smart and just like all of us has their own unique gifts to offer the world. It’s possible they are hidden by an unknown mental challenge that needs to be addressed, helping them reach their full potential. Become their greatest ally and advocate for them!

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