ADHD Household Chore Charts

Finally! – Chore Chart’s specifically created for the ADHD household and brain!

One that is simple, straightforward, and visually appealing. This tool helps to manage the daily tasks and responsibilities of each household member, and each household task – all while providing a sense of structure and routine.

Included is: 

  • Bedroom Chore Chart
  • Living Room Chore Chart
  • Bathroom Chore Chart
  • Kitchen Chore Chart
  • Laundry Chore Chart
  • Outdoors Chore Chart
  • Pet Chore Chart
  • AND A Blank Chore Chart to Fill In However Your House Needs!


Each Room’s Chart includes clear and concise jobs that accumulate to create a room that is tidy, neat and even sometimes CLEAN. 

For those with ADHD, it is important to have lists or visual reminders to stay focused and on track. To accommodate this, the chart shows each job for each room that needs to be done- beneath each job is a space for the family member to initial, and date. Or for smaller family members, to date and put a sticker! 

In order to help with motivation- you can use these charts to accumulate rewards!
Mark each job for each room with a different number of points, and then each household member can accumulate points to “cash in” at the end of the week! 

You can also color code or highlight the jobs that are required to be done daily, weekly, or monthly! You can do this using a highlighter or by placing the chore chart into a plastic clear sleeve and using dry erase markers to mark off what’s been done, by whom and when it was completed last! 

If you don’t LOVE this chore chart– Please email me directly at [email protected]. I’d love ways to improve it and suggestions on making it better or ways to add to it! 

Our ADHD Homework Helpers:

These printable math homework reference sheets will help neurodivergent kids who need more guidance and visual aids. With simple step-by-step instructions and helpful visuals, your child will be able to complete their homework with ease!

Bathroom Reminder Signs

Most bathroom signage, has all the reminders on one long framed piece of décor and if you have an ADHD kid, you know their tendency to “Too Long, Didn’t Read.” 
So, together with my awesome friend at EWP Design Co. we teamed up to create legible, but still attractive decorative bathroom signs for the ADHD or just disorganized household. 

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