Guided Mentorship for ADHD
Lacy Estelle




Per Session

What It Is:

One on One Mentorship
With Lacy Estelle
ADHD Adult Women & Mothers

What You'll Get:

One on One Session's once per week
One on One Session Twice Monthly
A Group Mastermind Meeting Once Per Month with Other Mentored Clients

What You'll Accomplish:

Lacy Estelle's
Mentorship is designed to:

- Help you gain Clarity of Your Value

- Navigate the Tricky Waters of your Interpersonal Relationships while having ADHD

- Recognize your weaknesses, without letting them weigh you down

-Find & Build on your strengths

- Accountability to Make Habit
Changes & Celebrating Small Successes

- Recognizing Self-Sabotage and Stopping it before it starts

"Absolutely recommend working with Lacy. She has real life experience as an ADHDer herself AND as a parent of ADHD kids. She is kind and patient with her clients. As a wife of someone with ADHD, having Lacy and her resources in my back pocket is SO HELPFUL in navigating our daily life at home.


Are you tired of trying to navigate life with ADHD alone?

If You feel paralyzed when you have to make a decision. Regardless of how BIG (buying a house) or small (choosing an ice cream flavor) it is.


If “worst case scenario” outcomes cross your mind so much that you never take action, And then later sit in regret.


If the idea of creating boundaries in your relationships feels scary– because you worry you might not be able to live up to your own expectations. And fear that the people in your life don’t seem to value you. 

Maybe you think you’re lazy, or stupid. That you never have motivation to stay with your personal goals and therefore, you’ll just always be stuck living life exactly as it is right now. 

Then this Mentorship is for YOU. 


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