Mothering the Storm ( is a site and, more importantly, a community for ADHD Mothers (& fathers) to come together, lift one another up, learn from each other, and gather new and old information in regards to ADHD. The Founder of Mothering the Storm, Lacy, strives to encompass both sides of the diagnosis on the site and in the Facebook Group. Having ADHD as an Adult Woman and also raising kids who have ADHD.

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Who is Lacy Estelle Anyway?

Lacy with her Husband, 3 Sons & Daughter

Lacy Estelle (Curtis), is a mother, perhaps just like yourself who struggled tremendously with parenting her oldest child and also adjusting to parenting life altogether. Feeling constantly faulty and like she was hardwired to do everything wrong, she pedaled up hill for the first half of her parenting life. It wasn’t until after her oldest sons diagnosis of ADHD did a light bulb turn on and she realized she could also have ADHD herself. After diagnosis of not only her, her oldest son and also her middle son she set out to learn as much about ADHD as she could in an effort to help both her sons and herself. In doing so, she found that ADHD, ADHD learning, and how ADHD impacts relationships was her passion filled purpose. The year following her oldest son was able to grow 32 reading levels and two entire grade levels in one school year.
Many don’t realize that ADHD can wreak lifelong havoc if it is left unchecked. She began talking to many people who know many more things than she does, and reading as many books as she could. She not only learned a lot about herself and her own children but learned enough that she felt she should share her information with anyone who might need it. On the personal side, Lacy is a wife & mother who resides in the heart of Michigan raising her 4 kiddos, 3 sons and 1 daughter. She attends church, reads her bible as often as her ADHD brain will let her, listens to audible as much as she can and gets outdoors as often as Michigan weather will allow. You can reach her via e-mail at [email protected].

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