9 Things You Need to Make your Life Easier as an ADHD Mom

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The best tools for adults with ADHD; especially ADHD moms.

If you’re reading this article, there are a few things I could guess about you. The first is that you feel your life is less organized than you wish it were, and the second is that you are desperate for solutions. Let me tell you, I was the same way. As an ADHD mom, I’ve literally broken down crying when I’ve lost my keys for the 4th time in one day.

One day. Four Times!

Yes, I cried. Because somedays I just want a different brain. I want a brain that remembers everything all the time. Doesn’t get easily distracted when something is important and doesn’t feel like it wants to explode when I make it do work. Basically, I want a brain that doesn’t need tools for adult ADHD.

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I want a brain that doesn’t need a hard drive back up all the time.

If you have ADHD, you know what I mean by a hard drive back up. It’s all the things you do physically and outwardly to trick your brain into remembering. Things like writing stuff down, putting alerts in your phone or having a designated spot for important papers. Habits like putting dishes straight into the dishwasher, so you don’t have to make yourself do the dishes five times a week.

Yes, sometimes, I hate my adult ADHD brain.

That is why I’ve compiled this list of the best tools for ADHD adults that make my life 10,000 times more manageable. Think of these things as a potential back up hard drive for all your essential elements.

(Full Disclosure: I haven’t used all these brands specifically, but I’ve used a variation of the same product. I’ve comprised my list of Amazons most recommended versions of each type of product).

9 of the Best tools for adults with ADHD. ADHD Gadgets to make your life easier. Tools I use everyday for my Adult ADHD.

9 of the Best Tools for Adults with ADHD:

1. Tile-Mate:

If you don’t have ADHD, you can probably get away with the one or two pack for tile mate. But let’s be real here, you need the 4 pack if you have ADHD. One for your phone, wallet, keys, and maybe your purse. Student ID? Diaper Bag? Yes, I’ve lost the entire diaper bag. Perhaps you want it for your work keys that are separate from your house and car keys. Regardless, this product was MADE for ADHD Moms. I am sure of it. And it makes your life a whole lot easier. (Even my neuropsychologist uses it!)

There is a couple of tricks to using it to track your phone. Because I know you are wondering how that would work when it locates it on an app.

1) It’s compatible with both Alexa and Google home.

2) You put a Tile-mate on your phone and also on your spouse’s phone. Their phone tracks yours, and your phone tracks theirs. And hopefully, you both never lose your phones at the same time.

2. Echo Dot AKA Alexa:

I’ve heard some sad stories about Alexa getting a bad rap.
But here’s the cold hard truth about how awesome she is:
Alexa can read to you, she can read to your child.
She can stream your music (ADHDLullaby anyone?).
She can remind you of your appointments.
As stated above, she can find your phone/keys/anything you use Tile-Mate for.
Basically, she can do a whole lot of stuff.
She can answer homework questions while you cook dinner. Try not to let your kiddo cheat by asking her all their math problems. All this, for less than $50!

Believe me. If you are an ADHD mom, she’s the ally you wish your spouse were more often.

Psst! You can grab a Kids version for $15 dollars less:

3. Audible:

Before you became an ADHD mom, how many books did you read?
After kids? Yeah, I figured. Hardly any right?
And unless you want to attempt to stay awake after the kids go to bed (yeah right!). It’s just damn near impossible to read as much as we would like to.

Do you know how many books I have read since January because of Audible?

Six! and It’s only May!

I listen to books about marketing, branding, habits, self-help, money management, ADHD, raising kids, blogging, weight-loss, nutrition and the list goes on.
How? When?
On my commute to my day job!
While I’m sitting at baseball practice!
While I go for a walk around the block!

I swear my audible membership is one of the best tools as an adult with ADHD.

It is my best investment in my growth as a human being and my growth as a parent. Your membership includes one free book per month. With this link, you can try two months of Audible free! [Affiliate Link] You’re welcome!
Truthfully, I am barely scratching the surface of what Audible can do. But overall, it’s making my life and my job so much easier. I can’t recommend it enough for an ADHD mom, or anyone who wants to reap the benefits of reading more books.

4. Bullet Journal:

Maybe you have a “little black book,” or maybe you rely entirely on your google calendar. That’s good and all but I know it’s not everything that is in your brain. And as much as I love things like Evernote, and Trello our minds just work better when we write stuff down. That’s why I started bullet journaling. So far, I have only used a plain old notebook, a few colorful sticky notes, and some pretty pens. For me that’s plenty.
But type Bullet Journal into YouTube and the search results will overwhelm you with super creative and over the top versions. That’s awesome, but that’s not me. What I needed, and maybe you need too, is an adaptable book that I can put anything in at any time and reference it later. And it does that.

On Amazon, you can purchase girly designed books that are cute and fancy and come with starter pens and stickers to get you started. If you are like me, a regular spiral notebook works just as well. I do recommend grabbing some sticky notes, though. To reference some pages quickly. I found I did need those. But I use my bullet journal for planning this blog and planning dinner. It can be one and the same because you make it as you go. Here is Ryder Caroll’s YouTube explanation to explain how to start it and why he created it.

Best Tools for Adults with ADHD
number 5. Wallet:

What? Why is wallet on this list? Doesn’t everyone have one?

Well, I didn’t. For a long time. I don’t know why.
I was also an ADHD mom who attempted to not carry a purse for the first three years of motherhood. (I tried to just use the diaper bag for everything, it was a no go.)

So maybe that’s why I was also an ADHD mom who just attempted only to have a purse and not a wallet.

If that’s you too, listen up: I was you. I lost insurance cards, my drivers’ license (once three times in one year!), credit cards, etc.
I probably lost cash that was just floating around in my purse not having a home.
So get a freaking wallet ADHD mom!

Get one, love it, treasure it, enjoy the peace of mind. Do you know how nice it is when I go into a doctors office now, and they say “I just need your ID and insurance card” and I no longer have to rifle through my purse to try to find each? If you are in denial about needing one, get out of denial, and get one. If you want to get really good, grab one of these card holders that comes with a lanyard to put your keys on! [Affiliate Link] Even if you stick your keys in your purse, I promise it will make them easier to find. Make life easier for yourself.

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6. Gear S2/S3 or any Smart Watch:

What?! A smart watch? But aren’t those…expensive? Why do I need one?

Let me tell you why: As an ADHD mom, how much screentime are you spending on your phone? Probably a ton. More than you realize. Our phones are an addicting little gadget that our ADHD brains love to look at.

  • Check the time.
  • Check the weather.
  • Ask google what George Washington’s middle name is.
  • Ask Google how much the MSRP is on that Toyota Tacoma.

Yes I know I do it, so I know you do it too. But you can severely diminish your screentime if you get a smartwatch. It will tell you the critical shit and leave the rest for later. Being able to leave your phone in your purse and know that your watch will tell you if you get a text or a call will allow you to look at it much less.

You can finally be more present with your kids just by adding this one thing.

Here’s the other great thing about these watches: They track your heart rate and your steps.

Most of us ADHD people, we aren’t nearly as active as we should be. And if you are like me, you have anxiety to go along with your ADHD. My gear will check my heart rate for me throughout the day. This way I can actually track it and go back to my therapist and talk about how my anxiety has been throughout the week. If I wear it to bed, it will also tell me how well I slept by tracking my movement. I can go for a walk, it will record my pace and let me decide which audible book I want to listen too.

It really does make your life easier. If you have an iPhone, look into an apple watch. If you need a cheaper, simpler version of one Fit-Bits are fantastic too. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it if I weren’t absolutely in love with mine. Now, if I can just remember to charge it every night, that would be great.

7. Garden of Life essential Oils Starter Pack:

Why am I listing essential oils on this list? Because my favorite brand created some really fan-freaking-tastic-ones and the starter kit is affordable and fits in my purse! It comes with lavender, peppermint, lemon, and tea tree. I could list out the benefits of all these oils, how they help ADHD, headaches, kill warts, and repel mosquitoes naturally, but I’m going to let you research that. I’m always happy I have them, and if you are an EO user you will probably be happy as well.

Best tools for Adults with ADHD number
8. Tin Box for Band-aids, Pens, Pencils, etc.:

In my purse, I only have a small container for band-aids. Claiming it comes in handy is an understatement.
How about that time my ADHD basketball player, got his ears pierced and didn’t realize he wouldn’t be allowed to play at his game with them in. Band-aids over the earrings was acceptable though, and for once in my ADHD mom life, I felt like I had my shit together when I pulled band-aids out of my purse!

So grab a small tin like this, use it for all those odds and ends things you might need on the go. Band-aids at the top, but pens, pencils, bobby pins, hair tyes, etc. It’s a small but useful tool.

9. A Power Bank:

How often do you forget to charge your phone? I’m assuming you are already like me and have chargers at home, in the office, and in your car. And despite this, you’ve still had to deal with a dead battery.

Get a power bank, on the days you remember to charge it you’ll be thrilled you have it.

I know you hand your phone off to your kiddo and let them watch Netflix until it’s at 3% battery.
I get it, I’ve been there too. But a power bank could be the difference between being able to call someone when your car breaks down or not. It can mean being able to charge your phone inside your purse while you watch the basketball game in the bleachers. You know, instead of finding a wall with an outlet to plug into.

Now you could keep living your ADHD life and stay in denial about how much easier your life could be with the best tools for adult with ADHD.

Keep rummaging in your purse for cards.
Keep losing track of the grocery list you wrote on some random piece of paper.
Keep wishing you had a different brain when you lose your keys for the fourth time. You could continue to do that or you could take my advice, grab a few of these tools for adult ADHD from Amazon or wherever you shop and back-up your brains hard drive.

Get them now, thank me later.

LacyEstelle with Empowered Mom Life and Blogger Lacy estelle naturally combatting ADHD

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