9 of the Best and Worst Reasons being a Mom with ADHD is Unique

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I’ve written my 10 funny symptoms of adulting with ADHD. It’s time for me to list out my favorite love-hate side effects of being a mom with ADHD. 


1. My Children have like…25 Tardies to school. Yepp, I’m admitting it. 

My children are late to school WAY TOO MUCH. I thought every mother struggled as I do in the morning. I thought every mom fought with their children to finish their breakfast. A bowl of cereal, within 30 minutes. I thought being late was–I don’t know what I thought, but I didn’t realize it was such a big deal. I mean after all…my mom dropped me off to school late as a kid too (ADHD hereditary anyone?).

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2. My No-Show Bills are Bigger than Yours. 

Appointments I forgot about catch up to me with a little letter that says something like: You failed to keep your 10:30 appointment, please see our no-show fine at the bottom. Me: “Damnit.” 

3. If it’s not in my Google Calendar, it’s not real.

No really…it all goes in there. Reminders for permission slips, doctors appointments. Reminders to remind myself I have a doctors appointment.

4. My kid’s messy room is bad but mine is equally as bad.

I can manage to keep the living area clear. And the dishes kept up if I try really hard but my own room? Well… let’s just close the door.

5. I’d love to keep my car clean.

But is it always possible as a mom with ADHD? Not really. The front passenger seat, you know the one I can reach? That’s not bad. Getting my ADHD kids to carry their trash with them from the back? Nah. Remembering to go back for what they forget later? Nah.

6. Forgetting to send in snacks on their designated snack day.

Leaving the sporting event around the second quarter to run to the store and buy forgotten snacks? Yeah. Every mom with ADHD knows that truth.

7. Overbook. We overbook.

We commit to the PTO meeting Friday but forget that our oldest has martial arts that day, at about the same time. Then we also forget to call the PTO to let them know we will miss the meeting. We look like flakes. We aren’t we just–our brains just make us look flighty, ok?

8. We forget about Back to School budgeting. (And Christmas creeps up on us too, EVERY YEAR!)

We just finally caught up with the credit card from spring break and now it’s August and we forgot to budget for back to school. Oh and that $15 field trip…totally forgot to include it in this weeks paycheck budget. Sh*T!

9. We love our kids. Fiercely. Firmly. Even if we can’t manage their lives or our own lives well.

We try super hard. And we empathize with our kids when the smallest thing sets them off. We sympathize when they forget their homework, backpack, jacket on the bus. Why? Because we know, all too well, how it feels to be forgetful often. It sucks some days to feel like we are pedaling a bike continually uphill. But when our kids open up to us? When they feel like we understand them? When we don’t criticize who they are because they too have ADHD?

We feel empowered.

Like we are doing something right amidst the mess that is our lives.

As a mom with ADHD we have to roll with the punches. We will pile it all on, trying to do it all and fail at most of it because we just can’t. We deny that we can’t and work that much harder to get it right and still fall short. But it’s ok.

Because I am a mom with ADHD, and she is a mom with ADHD and we can all be together in this. 

If there’s a mom out there who won’t judge you for your child having 35 tardies to school, it’s a mom with ADHD

That’s one of the other great things about being a mom with ADHD.

We don’t judge, because we can’t. If we did we’d be so hard on ourselves that we wouldn’t make it through the day.

No one is doing parenting perfectly. No one.

So get in my messy mom with ADHD car. Let’s go get some coffee, or wine and let’s just relax. Tell me what you are doing wrong, and I’ll remind you of all the things you’re doing right. 

The first and only important one: Trying. 

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