25 Funny White Elephant Gifts for Your Inner Child [Less the $20 Each]

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So your family or friends is throwing a Holiday party. White Elephant gift style. 

No worries, I’ve got you covered. And for less than $20 each! I’ve listed 25 of my favorite funny white elephant gifts for your inner child, or the coworker you hate. 

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Sitting across from my boyfriend the other day: “What are we going to bring to Friends-giving this year?” 

Him: “I don’t know, but I wish our friends would throw a Christmas party too.” 

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“Yeah, why’s that?”

“Because I can come up with some really funny white elephant gifts.”

He’s right.

Our group of friends is truly one of a kind. We are always having fun, cracking jokes, being smartasses and generally laughing more than anything. 

We’d be just the type to host a kick-ass funny white elephant gifts Christmas party.

We’re not the type that would splurge a lot on gifts for each other either. Generally speaking, we’re the kind of group that appreciates presence more than presents. Not to mention, considers a bottle of wine a complete gift in itself. 

The only party it would come close to competing with would be our annual Friendsgiving. 

So I thought, I should check out Perpetual Kid and see what kind of stuff they have up this season for unique and funny white elephant gifts. 

I was not disappointed.

Everything from Unicorn Farts to Ninja Coffee Cups. Not to mention, fan favorites from Star Trek and Star Wars.

Dear Santa, 

I know I’m old AF. But if you could put that Dinosaur Nacho holder under the tree for me this year, my life might be complete. 

Thanks so much,

Lacy’s Inner Child 

I can find some of these items with an increased price at my local novelty gift shop, but why buy there? 

All of the following funny white elephant gift ideas are courtesy of Perpetual kid, for your inner child this Christmas Season. 

Stocking Stuffers

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