10 Symptoms of Adult ADHD

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A List of Funny Adult ADHD-isms:

Top 10 Funny signs of Adult ADHD

When I started this blog, it was my self-reflected joke that my life was “always a mess.” (Blog Name used to be: Meandmymess). Amidst a divorce from a very short marriage; and in between jobs for the 5th or 6th time in my life. I was 26 and living at home again. So, yes, my life was a mess.

Through some serious self-discovery, I realized there is an underlying root or cause my life struggles. The following were the Top 10 “Blinking Neon Signs” that “Hey Lacy, you have Adult ADHD and it’s wreaking havoc on your life…”.
Perhaps you can relate to some of these as well:

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10.  You’ve signed up for, thought of, wanted to pursue a multitude of business ventures!


It’s a bit embarrassing. I still consider myself an Entrepreneur (HELLO, Welcome to My BLOG!) but have spent the last decade beginning and ending at least ten projects. Impulsivity from ADHD? For Sure. Some MLM companies, others just stand-alone business ventures.

I refuse to count them all up and tally them because–WHY would I do that to myself?! Instead, I am now conscious of my impulsivity and work extra hard to not dive into anything too quickly. I have plans. Still, I might have already changed my approach to said plans, but I am not throwing in the towel on any of them.

9. Your long-term goals change every few months, weeks, every six months. You get the idea.

Last year around this time, I was so sure I was going to go back to school for one thing. Then for unforeseen reasons, I couldn’t at the time. The news derailed all my plans. Rather than just readjusting or waiting out my circumstances to change I marched down an entirely different road and changed career paths. It’s dizzying and I’m tired of it.

8. Your friends know you as the “Late-One.”

Do I need to elaborate here? I will swear I have five extra minutes but will fill those 5 minutes with a 10/20/30 minute task.

7. Cleaning your living space means spending 3 hours organizing your dresser drawers, and then become exhausted and retire to watch Netflix. Meanwhile, your laundry sits in the washer mildewing.

Sounds specific, doesn’t it? I would be willing to bet if you’re an adult with ADHD you’ve done this exact thing. Opened your calendar on your phone only to find yourself on Facebook or Pinterest for the next half hour. Yes, ADHD.

Ten Signs you Might have Adult ADHD that are funny
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6. You make plans and cancel/forget plans so much your Friends/Family learn to not count on you.

This one probably breaks my heart the most, but it’s true. I can’t tell you when I called my dad last…HI Dad!! If you’re reading this, I’m sorry I haven’t called! Dinner? Soon? Maybe?
(Read How to Organize Your Life When You Have Adult ADHD)

5. You’re like the interrupting cow. MOOOOO!

Your brain works so quickly you think you can guess what another person is going to say. Then, instead of listening, you hear the first three words of their sentence, assume the next two sentences and respond right away. Amid them asking you the original question. You come across rude but don’t mean too and can’t figure out how to stop. (BTW: Still don’t think Kanye’s problem is ADHD)

4. You have 10,000,000 things to do, but instead, find yourself watching YouTube on your couch?

It’s called procrastination, and it wreaks havoc on ADHD people. It looks like pure laziness. It’s not. Read on.

3. Looking back in High School/College you realize your potential was there but always blocked by your inability to stay motivated.

In researching Adult ADHD, this is a significant symptom I found and realized it’s likely why ADHD children get stereotyped so severely. Leading Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen (of Amen Clinics) named it “The Wall” and every ADHDer has one. Some hit it in 3rd grade, others in 6th, 9th, college, etc. (I hit my wall in 3rd Grade).

10 Signs of Adult ADHD that you might have. Ten signs of ADHD in Adults

Eventually, you can’t overcome your symptoms. In Brain Scans performed by Dr. Amen, it shows that ADHD brains compared to Neuro-typical or Non-ADHD brains lessen activity when it is time to concentrate.

To Someone with Adult ADHD:

It feels like their brain’s light switch turns off. The harder an ADHD person then tries to focus the worse it becomes. Making it, so ADHD children/adults look like they just don’t care, are disinterested, or don’t want to try. When in fact their brain only won’t allow them.

Fascinating isn’t it? In high school I could maintain A and B grades for courses I found intellectually stimulating but couldn’t self-discipline myself like my peers to study the subjects that didn’t seem exciting. I worried I was lazy, turns out I have ADHD.

2. You can hyper focus which makes things extra confusing.

You can’t seem to understand why you cannot make yourself (without a very serious mind-struggle) do your dishes or study exam-prep for Calculus but can read a 400 page Novel cover to cover in 3 days. It’s called Hyperfocus, and Adult ADHD sufferers can do it very well when something is stimulating enough. (I.E., Michael Phelps and Swimming).

Hyperfocus is also the reason my oldest Son can’t let go of a video game. Video games have been shown to be stimulating to the brain the same way certain drugs are. The stimulation his ADHD brain craves.

1. You have a child who has ADHD and their other parent is the long-term goal-oriented one.

When my son first started the testing for ADHD I was sure it came completely from his father’s side. After-all his dad and his behaviors looked so similar. Instead what I found was that it was likely it came from either side as I definitely have it too.

The realization is liberating. I can now use the information I now better understand about my brain and how it works to overcome the hurdles that have previously held me back.
Perhaps you can too.

lacy estelle on Adult ADHD

I am not a doctor. This list does not medically diagnose or intend to treat any medical condition. If you think you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder consult your healthcare professional for options in treatment and behavior modification.

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