ADHD & Unmet Goals for 2018? How To Crush them in the Last 12 Weeks of the Year

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Delayed Gratification? What is that?! As an ADHDer, we really don’t know.

It’s October now and looking back at January of this year fills you with regret and self-doubt. You began the year with great intentions, planning to finally have the body, life or financial status you wanted and now…It’s almost Halloween and if you are lucky you’re halfway to your goal.

If you have ADHD, like me, then you know that the idea of a Long Term Goal doesn’t really exist for us.

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No matter how bad we want something, delayed gratification just isn’t something we have. We tell ourselves we want it, but our brains aren’t wired to carry one steady train of thought through to fruition. We often end up with well-intentioned aspirations that are only ever half completed or never acted upon at all. At the end of many of our years, we have little to show for the mentality we started the year with. Because of this we sink into doubting ourselves.

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What if I told you that you could meet your goals by the end of the year, despite your ADHD slump? 

“Well, Lacy, I’d bet your lying. But tell me more.”

The truth is, ADHDers, aren’t lazy, or innately unsuccessful. We really do want to achieve all the things we set out to achieve but our brains don’t know how to keep us on track. Not in long stretches anyway. We live in the now, and not now mentality. It’s why so many of us struggle with impulsive decisions, living paycheck to paycheck, or starting projects and only finishing one out of ten.

Delayed Gratification is not in our DNA.

It’s really not our fault. 

I’ll say it louder so your brain can hear me: It’s not our fault. It’s how we are wired.

But do you know what we are super good at? I mean amazing & awesome at? Hyperfocus! 

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Ever heard the riddle: How do you eat an elephant? 

The answer is: One Bite at a time.

What if we did that with our goals?

Let’s be clear here, a whole year is simply too much time. Consider this; how often do you, ADHD single mom, realize you have more time than you anticipated; then overuse the time and still end up late to your next function?

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It’s similar to those moments you find yourself with a spare half hour between work and college classes. So you go to target to pass the time, and don’t leave for two HOURS!

Our brains don’t feel time passing. Not at all.

So what do you think our brain does when we have an Entire YEAR to complete something? Answer: It assumes we have all the time in the world. It’s not until October that we realize “Holy shit, we put off that goal for 9 months!”

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Lucky for you, Hyperfocus is like a superpower. And what makes hyperfocus work best?

Shorter Time Periods!

Nothing like pressure from procrastination to kick our ADHD butts in gear.

From this week until the end of the year is roughly 12 weeks. 12 Weeks is similar to 12 months. (If you’ve read the 12 Week Year, you’ll pick up what I’m putting down.) 

What we must do is take what any neurotypical person would set as a monthly goal and set it as our weekly goal. 

Are you paying attention?

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Let’s use the example of growing a business you have;

You have a thriving business built on Live facebook sales and face to face interaction. You also have a website where potential customers can buy your products.

You do fairly well, bills get paid. Business is busy, but you’re struggling to reach new customers. You realize the only way to reach your 20% growth goal is to increase your reach.

Let’s map this out, using a Goal-Bite Strategy:

To hit 20% Growth in three months, you will need to grow roughly 7% each month. How do we grow 7% each month? Answer: By growing approximately 1.75% each week.

If you have 20 Customers per week purchasing from you, you only need to increase your purchasers by One to Two per week to make your goal of 1.75% growth each week, and overall 7% for the month.

Does One or two new customers per week seem a lot less daunting than 20% growth for the year?

If it does, it’s because it’s supposed to.

By doing this, we can trick our brains into delayed gratification. By measuring our goals in smaller and smaller bite-size pieces, our brains think we’ve broken the mold. That we are achieving what we set out to achieve.

We as ADHD People, are so great at so many things. Entrepreneurism being one of them.

What we are not good at is delayed gratification.

The process of continued forward movement toward a goal. We prefer progress and results now or even better; yesterday.

If it’s not happening now, it’s not happening at all. Says the ADHD Brain.

When we break our goals down into Goal Bites we can digest them. We can consume them, act on them and use the progress for fuel. We can applaud our growth and not feel defeated by looking at how far we still have to go.

So what will you plan? You have 12 Weeks until the end of the year and that’s plenty of time to get where you wanted to go in January! 

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ADHD Goal Planner 12 Week ADHD planner

Beyond simply telling you where you can find the inspiration and teaching you how to map out your goals for your ADHD brain. I’ve designed YOU a planner!  This is the first time on the blog that I am talking about it.

The planner is laid out similar to our brains. An organized chaos design with midday random notes in mind. It will help you break down your goal-bites and the best part? It’s only a 12 week planner! When the 12 weeks are over; Get a new one, work on your next 12-week plan!

Grab a Free Copy 

I’m looking for feedback and ways to improve it. The beauty of it being a 12 Week planner and not a whole year planner? I can change it, improve it, build on it every 12 weeks. If it goes well, I may create one specifically for the ADHD Entrepreneur in mind. (I will debut the ADHD Entrepreneur Planner in January 2019!)

If you need help knowing where to start when it comes to cutting into your goals and breaking them up into bite-size pieces message me. I love to help!

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