7 Ways to be a Successful Adult with ADHD

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Being an adult with ADHD can make it harder to navigate adulting. Harder but not impossible! I am sharing 7 ways to be a successful adult with ADHD. And some of them you can start today!

Going through the nerotypical world with an ADHD brain can be tricky. Especially if, like me, your diagnosis comes later in life. I struggled a long time before learning that I had ADHD. I want to share what I have learned along the way in hopes that you won’t need to struggle as much as I had to. In honor of ADHD awareness month I have compiled a list of 7 ways to be a successful adult with ADHD.

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ways to be a successful adult with adhd

7 Ways to be a Successful Adult with ADHD

We can all be successful adults with ADHD. We just need to recognize our trouble areas and harness our strengths. For example, I know that being on time is hard for me. So I harness the abilities that I do have in order be on time more often. If you struggle with being on time, keep reading. I have a whole post about how to get better at it!

I chose a good mix of articles that can help with ADHD adulting. But it definitely takes a village to succeed. For that reason, I have added a list of resources at the end of this post that I hope will also help you on your ADHD journey. We all have something unique to bring to the table and I hope you will find additional support in these resources!

healthcare jobs for people with ADHD, ways to be a successful adult with adhd

Healthcare Jobs that are Good for People with ADHD

As adults with ADHD, sometimes it can be a challenge to find a good career fit. However, if we play to our strengths, we can find jobs that are thoroughly fulfilling. I’ve put together a list of healthcare jobs that are good for people with ADHD and you may find that you are perfectly suited to at least one of them!

ways to be a successful adult with adhd, how do you know if your spouse has adhd

How do you Know if your Spouse has ADHD?

Whatever it is that caused you to begin your research about ADHD, chances are you will begin to see symptoms in yourself or the people around you. How do you know if those symptoms all add up to an ADHD diagnosis? You need to determine if the symptoms you have noticed are consistent or if they are isolated events.

In this article I explain how to know if someone you love has ADHD. Once you are armed with some information you will be able to determine whether it is time to seek out a health care professional for a diagnosis.

ways to be a successful adhd adult, ways to save your savings as an adhd woman

7 Budgeting Hacks to Save your Savings as an ADHD Woman

Unless your ADHD brain hyperfocuses on your budget, you are probably like me and struggle with financially planning for the future. In this post, I share 7 budgeting hacks that can help keep you an track. They will help you with impulse control. For example, have you ever said, “Oh, I should buy that! No I don’t need it but I want it. And I can always make more money!” I know I have.

I explain how that way of thinking can get you into big financial trouble later on. Then we dive in to ways you can get your ADHD brain to manage your money and savings well. And to do it consistently! This does not have to be a complex process either. I make it nice and simple for you!

ways to be successful as an ADHD adult, adhd diet,

How to Start an ADHD Diet and Why You Should

An ADHD Diet is truly just another way of saying a health-conscious brain diet. A diet where the nutrients, food and supplements we put into our body are designated to help our brain function optimally. In this post I go into all the details about what an ADHD diet looks like and how you can implement it in your own life.

I give you cheat sheets to help you get started. I also give you the dish on where I learned about starting and maintaining an ADHD diet. That way you can get it right from the horses mouth if you want. Then adapt the information to create your own diet like I did. A low-inflammatory diet has worked wonders for me. I could be just the helping hand you are looking for!

Just remember that I am not a health care professional and can’t give you medical advice. I am sharing what has worked for me and the experts that I got my information from. You will be able to take it from there!

7 Exercises you can Do at Home to Improve Focus

There is no question that good exercise is fabulous for our bodies. But there are also several benefits for your mind as well. Especially for the ADHD brain! I did some digging about exercise and focus and put together this post so you can try it for yourself!

Please remember though that I am not a health care professional. I compiled this information in hopes that it will help others the way it has helped me. However, I am not qualified to give any medical advice. This article is based on my own research conclusions and opinions. So please consult your physician before starting any kind of exercise regiment.

ways to be a successful adult with adhd, ways to fall asleep

9 Easy Tricks to Calm your Mind and help you Get Some Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one struggle that most adults share. Sleepless hours and nights can be caused by many things. Having ADHD can exacerbate those causes. If you have suffered from the effects of sleep loss, this is the article for you!

I give you 9 easy tricks that will help calm your mind and body so that you can sleep. I can’t do anything about the stresses that make it hard to sleep. Or about the long to-do list that keeps you from getting to bed at a decent time. But I can help you make the most of the hours that you do have to sleep!

ways to be a successful adult with adhd, how to be on time

How to be on Time More Often

If you have ADHD, timeliness is either a significant struggle for you or you hyperfocus on it and can be on time for everything in your life. In fact, you might even be early. I am not the latter of these two. It took me years to finally consider myself to be on time.

Now, my techniques have yet to make me an early bird, or an always-on-time human being. But they do shorten my lateness to a minimal amount or at least allow me to be punctual. I might never arrive at an appointment 15 minutes early, but I can come within two minutes of said appointment time. And considering where I started, that is a win for me! In this post I share 5 simple strategies that have worked for me. I hope they work for you too!

7 Ways to be a Successful Adult with ADHD

I hope that you will find these articles to be helpful for you and your journey. If you are looking for more support and information you can head to the ADHD Awareness Month website to find more resources.

Another site that I have found useful is Little Miss Lion Heart. You’ll find lots of great articles and resources to help you there as well.

Do you have a good adulting with ADHD hack? I’d love to hear it! Leave a comment below to let know something that has worked for you. Together we can raise awareness and mother the storm!

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