4 Tips for Moving Out for Adults With ADHD

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Planning, packing, and decision-making can make life transitions difficult to manage, especially if you live with ADHD. If you deal with any kind of executive dysfunction, you probably struggle with starting intimidating tasks and remaining concentrated. For those in the midst of a relocation, we have four tips for moving out for adults with ADHD.

Make a Moving Calendar and Checklist

Our best moving tip for adults with ADHD is to make calendars and checklists to break down the moving process into smaller, more manageable components. Once you have your moving date, you will want to plan ahead, working your way backward from end to beginning. Make sure you give yourself some buffer room in case you fall behind.

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If you’re a visual person, try setting physical reminders of the deadlines you’ve given yourself. For example, you could use sticky notes with instructions and dates of when you would like to pack your belongings. It’s a good idea to keep your calendar and checklist in a place where you will see it daily.

Avoid Procrastination

Sometimes, overwhelming, looming events can put adults with ADHD in a state of paralysis, making them susceptible to starting tasks at the last minute. Because relocating takes many steps, you should plan to accomplish moving in phases leading up to moving day.

Depending on your workstyle, try taking advantage of small bursts of energy and motivation to finish tasks you otherwise don’t feel like doing. Set a short timer on your phone and reward yourself for working through the entire time without breaks or distractions.

With your calendar and checklists, there’s no need to rush your relocation process. Starting to pack weeks or even months in advance can prevent a disorganized move.

Declutter If Possible

One way to facilitate an organized living space as you’re packing is to declutter as you go. Looking at and evaluating all your belongings at once makes decluttering more overwhelming than it really is. When you come across something you feel OK getting rid of, set it aside in piles to donate, gift, or throw away. There’s no need to bring possessions with you to your next apartment or house if they don’t serve a purpose.

Reach Out for Help

Our last moving tip is to reach out to friends and family if you’re struggling to stay productive. Asking for help is an effective way to practice self-care while moving because it can eliminate the stress of doing everything yourself. For those with ADHD, having another person with you can make completing a task you’re struggling to start a piece of cake.

Relocating can be stressful for anyone, even those who don’t deal with executive dysfunction. Implement these and other strategies to stay productive and make the moving process a breeze.

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