YES You Are Worth It and Here is How I Know

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The woman I used to be put up with a lot of shit from a lot of people for the last ten years.

Know the feeling?

It seemed like every good idea I had was shot down by a pessimistic friend or relative. Spouse even. There was no way I could have the success for which I yearned. If you asked any one of them the reason would have been apparent: “She’s smart, but she doesn’t always think.”

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Truth be told I think a lot. I’m sure you do as well. You have about 700 million great ideas on any given day, and the difficulty isn’t in which one to pursue. It’s a problem of having too many voices in your ear whispering their favorite word: Can’t.

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Even amidst the most success, I have had in years, I ask myself: Am I really worth this?

Can I really do this?
I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this too. The answer is: Yes I am and so are you. And yes, we can really DO this.

What is this? This is whatever it is you are scared to pursue for fear of failing.

How do I know?

Because you and I, my friend, we are one in the same. You’re a fast talker, an avid reader, an accelerated learner and a beautiful person with a heart passionate for one thing and one thing only: People.

Why are we passionate about people?

Because we know their worth! We see value in others, that many overlooks. We can forgive quickly and move on rapidly too all because we care about the person beneath their mistakes. Friends come to us not just for advice about their problems but because they know we won’t judge them based on the choices they are making right now. They know we see them for their real potential. Their underlying purpose. The person they are, hidden underneath their life lesson shell.

Life lesson’s; they do that.

They create this hard exterior, this person we are but only for a short time while we grow. Like a cocoon, or an egg. It’s merely an exterior before the transformation.
You and I, we see others at their actual value.

So why don’t we realize that other’s see us, and our worth too?

Not everyone sees it. Not everyone can see the prosperous and joyous person beneath our cocoon. Unfortunately, the ones who don’t, seem to be the only ones we choose to listen to. In reality, those people’s opinions don’t matter. You are growing, and they are not. So are you worth it? Yes, you are. You’re worth the risktaking that is required to make your dreams come true.

You are worth the cheerleading from those who can see the light at the end of your tunnel.

But perhaps you need to hear it straight from me:

your cocoon. only one side of your transformation timeline.

If you are an addict: Yes, You are worth getting sober. Because your life has a value, you don’t see! Why does it matter? Because your story will lead countless others to sobriety as well, but you have to believe it first before you can convince anyone else.

If you are a heartbroken wife in a broken marriage: Yes, You are worth being treated well. Because you have value. You are smart and healthy, and all the things your spouse has convinced you-you’re not. They are the one that is scared of you. They know you’re worth, but they’ve blinded you to it so they can continue to mistreat you. You are worth more. Far more.

If you are a broke single parent: You are worth having success. Financial security is within your grasp if you can merely believe you deserve to save money. You deserve to feel at ease with your finances. You deserve a career that rewards you and doesn’t keep you working for broke. Single parent doesn’t mean poor parent. (Read My Open Letter to the Broke Single Mom I used to Be)

If you are overweight and have failed again to get healthy: You are worth being healthy! You are worth a fit version of yourself because you will be able to reach so many more lives and help others so much more with a body that is suited to your generous soul.

If you are unemployed or living with the family at 30 years old. Perhaps you’re reeling from a business failure. Was your car was repossessed this morning or your house put up for foreclosure?!

Heed my words:

This is your cocoon. You’re only on one side of your transformation timeline. You can’t imagine where this is going and the mistakes you’ve made that brought you here are lying to you.

They are saying: I’m not worth it. I can’t do this.

These are lies that others have told you and that you’ve spent too much time telling yourself.

A Story of Overcoming Self Doubt:

A very dear friend of mine had his business fail on him less than 18 months ago. He made a few shortsighted management mistakes, hired a bad seed and ultimately that one lousy seed ruined his plans for his company. It was a very very difficult time for him. He went through a lot of self-doubt and depression episodes.

Speaking with him recently he told me about a new business endeavor he might take on. A significant risk for a big dream. When I asked him what his family thought of it, he elaborated that some of his family is concerned for him. Wishing he wouldn’t take such a substantial risk and make himself so vulnerable to failing again. You know what he told me?

“I’m never going to stop. I’m always going to be a risk taker. Straying from that wouldn’t be who I am. I take risks, and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but as long as there is a chance they will work, I will keep taking them.”

To think, this person who spent a lot of time doubting himself was ready and willing to take a chance on himself again made me want to leap for joy.

That is the truth of it all.

Question if you’re worth whatever it is you seek and you’ve already filled yourself with doubt. Learn to trust yourself. Bet on you.
You are worth it, and hopefully, now you know why.

The value on you as a person is immeasurable. You won’t know what the future holds but don’t give up while you’re in your cocoon. How sad would our world be without butterflies?

LacyEstelle with Empowered Mom Life and Blogger Lacy Estelle

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