4 Tips To Stay Focused at Work All Day With ADHD

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You’re likely to feel unfocused due to distractions, procrastination, and work that makes you continuously switch tasks. But ADHD can make these average feelings catastrophic to your productivity at work.

It’s possible to stay focused at work all day long with ADHD. Read these four tips to find out how you can improve!

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1. Keep Your Phone out of Reach

If your phone isn’t helping you work, it’s time to say goodbye for now! Scrolling social media, watching videos, or texting friends and family are the easiest ways to distract yourself. Turning off notifications or placing your phone in a drawer are both great ways to prevent this diversion.

2. Write a Thorough Checklist for the Day

Write down what you have to accomplish at work the day before or the moment you begin work. This tactic is especially helpful during stressful weeks. Your brain feels like it’s all over the place! Every task blends together, and you can’t keep your mind straight. Fortunately, a detailed list of everything you need to complete will guide you through the day.

Bonus Tip: Include Deadlines for the Week

A separate list of deadlines is also essential. It’s easy to forget due dates from time to time, especially if you got the email months ago.

Create a separate sticky note or calendar reminder of deadlines for the upcoming weeks. This tactic will keep you organized and help you understand which tasks to prioritize.

3. Keep Fidget Toys at Your Desk

Individuals with ADHD struggle to keep their attention on a singular project. That’s where fidget toys can help.

Playing with a handheld fidget toy gives your hands something to do while your brain focuses on the task. Try reading an article, researching an issue, or making a phone call while using a fidget toy. Watch how this small adjustment makes an immense difference in your ability to stay focused at work all day.

Bonus Tip: Stay Focused During Meetings While Fidgeting

During meetings, you might feel lost or out of focus. Bring a pen, paper clip, or a fidget toy you keep at your desk into the meeting. Also, using a few tips to hold valuable meetings can hold your attention since the information in the presentation is important and engaging. You’ll find these tactics will help you retain more information once you step foot out of the conference room.

4. Minimize Background Noise With Soft Music or Earplugs

Any sort of distraction can impact your workflow. Loud chatter at desks, a colleague playing a boisterous video, or the constant buzzing of the air conditioning can be disruptive to your focus. Sometimes, you need to feel like it’s just you and the work in front of you.

Ear plugs are great for shrinking the sounds around the office. Soft music playing in your earbuds will give you a single sound to direct your attention to while working.

With each new tactic you attempt, remain patient with yourself. Some of these tips will help, while others might not be as effective. The key is to consistently try your best.

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