One iOS App that will make your ADHD Parenting Life Easier

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It seems that diagnosis of your child’s ADHD is only the tip of the iceberg when it compares to what comes after.

Parenting strategies. Therapy appointments. Medication reviews (if you decide to try medication). Not to mention diet changes for naturally treating ADHD, as well as informing your child’s school. Where do we even begin to wrap our head around everything being thrown at us as parents?

Well, quite frankly we don’t. Often times this is when most parents take the path of least resistance, they opt for medication and then hope the rest will work itself out. Only able to attend therapy sessions once per month if that.

Therapy and parenting classes mean taking work off. Taking a child out of school, when he or she may already be struggling to learn in school. And then there’s the difficulty of getting every adult in your household on board with the teachings.

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What if there was an ADHD Parenting Strategies App for that?

Well, if you are lucky enough to own an iPhone, there is!

It’s called Bright Parenting, and it takes the overwhelm out of all the stuff I just listed.

“Bright’s mission is to bring parents the proven techniques and make it easier for them to learn and follow through with them, thereby creating a more confident parent and a better parent-child relationship.”

-Founder, Steve Jacobs

Breaking down parenting lessons into 3-5 minute short slideshows that you can begin applying to your parenting strategies right away. Plus, it gives the opportunity for discussion with other family members who can view the lessons you are completing and help everyone get on the same page.

But can I really take ADHD parenting strategies advice from an App?

Yes! Bright’s head of clinical development is Dr. Joanna Robin, Ph.D. who is also the founder and head of Westchester Anxiety Treatment and Psychological Services, not to mention a mother herself. Previously she also served on the faculty at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center.

They’re also pairing great minds like hers with others, including Mindy Walker, the former Executive Editor of Parents Magazine.

But does it actually work?

Here are a few things other parents have been saying about Bright:

“I [love]️ this app and shared it with my friends. I hope it goes viral!”

On the apps ability to help you stay on track with your parenting goals:

“It’s 100% things I already have in my brain. But also only 50% percent of it I use regularly. So I think it’s awesome to have it in my face to remind me of the techniques I forget to use. As parents, we get stuck in ruts. I think this app will continually prevent ruts. ”

Bright parenting app review, ADHD Parenting strategies App

The App is designed to help you stay on track with your parenting goals, and for families to stay on the same page. In real time.

The App is not a replacement for therapy, but with techniques that are often taught over many cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, or parenting classes it can definitely aid in your families goals of more enriching, less yelling relationships.

How do I get my spouse to use it?

As long as they have an iPhone device, you can invite them to your “family” and begin doing lessons together. One thing I hear from many parents is that often times one spouse seems to understand child behavior a little better than the other. One spouse was raised by strict parenting standards and the other was raised in a more free-range and nurturing environment. Neither spouse is wrong in their parenting endeavors, but with this app, you can undoubtedly close the gap between your differences and begin working together more seamlessly.

Bright parenting App for ADHD parents, ADHD Parenting strategies app

What’s the downfall?

Unfortunately, the app is only available on Apple’s App Store.

The words from the founder of the App, Steve when I asked if an Android version was in the works:

“We’re busy figuring out a lot more ways of helping parents and to move as fast as possible we need to support only one platform for another 6 months…”

-Founder, Steve Jacobs

In other words, they want it to be really amazing on one platform first, before moving on to creating it on a second platform. It’s a bummer for Android users currently but you can still go to Bright’s website for more information and to follow along on their progress. Or if you have an Ipad at home, you can get the app on there.

Bright parenting App review, ADHD Parenting strategies app

How do I use Bright App?

The app’s interface is fairly straightforward. When you first log in it will take you through a beginner course to understand the reason behind the app and its mission. From there you can then choose other lessons you want to take. Lessons on whining, and active ignoring. Parental techniques backed by science that work for all kids.

You’ll also get daily reminders and notices about new lessons being added or just ways to connect with your child. Conversation starters and such. As a parent it’s so easy to fall into Mom-Mode or Dad-Mode all the time, we forget to take off the suit of armor and just be human and talk to our kids. Bright aims to help parents do more talking and connecting while engaging in effective parenting. Less parent-mode, more parent-fun.

So, if you think you would like more one-on-one help with parenting. Try Bright. And let me know in the comments what you think of this app. Be sure to share this post with any of your friends.

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