6 Clever Books for Kids with ADHD that Your Child Will Love

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When it comes to helping our kids understand their own brains, words can be few. Books for Kids with ADHD can be a lifesaver. 

“Your brain is different.” Sounds vague.

“You think differently than others…” Doesn’t everyone?

“You have a mental disorder…” Ouch. 

When dealing with mental illness, all kinds, self-awareness is key. It’s important for kids with ADHD to be able to differentiate their symptoms from their personality and character. That they aren’t a cookie stealer, but that things like temptation are harder for them to resist because of their ADHD. 

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By learning about their brain and how it works, they can better handle situations in their future.

They may know that temptation from peer pressure will be hard for them to handle and choose not to put themselves in a position to need to resist. 

The symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can make a child feel like they are out of control, or that they lack simple understanding. Even as parents we are sometimes inclined to call out that our child know’s better! When the truth is ADHD children have a harder time self-regulating than most. They can make us angry with their outbursts, and embarrassed. Left to feel like we as parents are lacking the will to make our child behave.

But really, it’s none of that. It’s a brain disorder that can be treated and needs to be understood. Once understood facilitating proper expectations for your child and yourself becomes much easier.

Many parents find books for kids with ADHD explain it better than they can.

Now, if you have children like mine the book needs to be concise, somewhat short in length, and engaging. 

This list contains six highly recommended books for kids with ADHD. I think among them, you can find the explaination and words you need to help your child better understand how their brain is unique from others.

My Brain Needs Glasses

Gina Pera, an Adult ADHD Expert wrote the following Amazon review:

“Why do I love this book? I will share with you a response I just wrote to one of the many parents asking me for advice on which books to get when their child is newly diagnosed with ADHD.

Dear X,
The type of book you might want really depends on the issue with your child’s experience of ADHD.

Sometimes the main challenge is social, sometimes organizational, etc.

The main thing I would encourage: Some books or other types of material that help your child understand what is ADHD, why he is taking medication, how to prepare for any criticism he might hear (if you think that’s likely…from other children, extended family members, etc.).

That is the biggest mistake made with pediatric treatment, imho: Not educating the child, especially in pro-active strategies.

The more they can “own” it, the less they will feel stigmatized, angry later (as a teen) about taking medication, and so forth.

Speaking of which, teens/young adults who never suffered for lack of ADHD treatment are sometimes those who reject it the most. By contrast, late-diagnosis older adults often strongly wish they had been diagnosed and treated in childhood, because they have paid a very dear price for not having it.

Emerging research is examining the perceptions of children/teens with ADHD vis a vis the medication. Some cannot tell the difference, when it is helping them or not, but other people around them can. This is in part due to ADHD symptoms creating degrees of poor self-observation.

So, I’d try to help him understand the difference medication makes for him.

I love this book by psychiatrist Annick Vincent, mother of four children and a top ADHD specialist in Canada:

My Brain Needs Glasses: ADHD explained to kids”

All Dogs Have ADHD

A Five Star Amazon Review:

“I have a husband and a young child with ADHD and I wanted this book to better understand my husband and son but also for my daughter to better understand them as well. What I really loved about this book was how much it focused on strengths so that my daughter and doesn’t have negative feelings about her brother or fathers ADHD walk in life. I want her to understand it but not see it in a negative light. This book was perfect for that. It is also a wonderful way to talk to my son about the way that he is feeling at times and some of his strengths. The pictures are hilarious and adorable and I strongly suggest it to anyone curious about understand[ing] the feelings of those who have ADHD.”

Marvins Monster Diary: ADHD Attacks 

Another Amazon Reviewer said:

“My kid was having a very rough day and acting without thinking which was quickly leading to a worse day for all of us. I got him to calm down and recognize he was acting without thinking and I told him I had the perfect story about a little monster that had the very same problem. We read the book together and he made ST4 signs for all over the house. Sometimes he sees the signs, sometimes he doesn’t. When he doesn’t, we can just say “Hey Pal, ST4.” And it helps defuse the situation before it can escalate out of control. Even I find these techniques useful as an adult.”

Mrs. Gorski, I think I have the Wiggle Fidgets

One Amazon reviewer wrote:

“This book was the perfect buy for my 5 year old son who is very hyper active. His doctor has stated that he may be ADHD. After reading this book he felt a renewed confidence in being able to identify with the character in the book. He stated to me a few times, mommy that’s like me. And actually I learned some things I could do to help him and his teachers in class from this book. I recommend this book for any parent who’s kid may be hyper or have ADD or ADHD. It’s fantastic”

Survival Guide kids with ADHD 

An Amazon reviewer wrote the following:

“I bought this to use with the ADHD kids I work with, but my9-year-old who has some ADD/ADHD traits wanted to read it. She loved the book and finished reading it in 1 day. She said she learned a lot about herself and her twin sister, and actually took note on things that could help her stay organized. When she was finished she asked me to please get her a binder to help her stay organized with her school papers. Great book!”

Books for Kids with ADHD, Lacy Estelle, Mothering the Storm

Learning to Slow down and Pay Attention, A Book for Kids about ADHD 

A Five Star Review on Amazon says:

“My son was diagnosed with ADHD this time last year and it’s been a really difficult process for our family to understand. Not only to understand the obstacles my son faces but how he interacts with his older and younger brothers. This book was like a gift from the gods. My son and I read a chapter every night and it’s not only helped my son realize that he isn’t alone or a freak or weirdo like he has been calling himself, he’s realized that hes just a little different from his siblings and friends. It’s helped us both realize that not only does he have to put in alot of determination and commitment to work harder to achieve what others find very simple. He knows that he may be different but he is very special as well. Through this book, he realizes that he isn’t alone in what he goes through daily. That has helped him so much just in this past week at school! It has also given me so much insight to what he faces, how he feels and the fact that even though it may not seem like he is putting in his full effort, he does that plus more. It’s also helped us both get much more organized in his routines and has sparked new ideas on what we can do to help him succeed. I am purchasing another copy tonight so my son’s teacher can read it as well. We’ve written and highlighted throughout ours so I was thinking if we did the same and gave it to his teacher it could help in the classroom. When he goes to 2nd grade next fall, I’ll do the same thing.

This past year has been so hard on my son. I have felt like the worst mother during the past few months but after reading book after book, articles after article, I feel that myself, my son and our entire family is more on the same page. We still have our rough days but this book had helped our family tremendously

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