getting an Evaluation


Is the first step towards gaining resources. Not just for your childs learning, but an insight into how they think, where their strengths are and why some of their behavior is so frustrating...

establishing routine


While it's pretty counterintuitive to do anything on a schedule, ironically routines and staying on a specific schedule helps kids with ADHD (and Parents) to gain security and exercise their long term memory, where their short term falls...well...short.

stay calm-  even if they can't


Finding a way to keep your cool is so important with parenting an ADHD kid. How to do that- well that can be tricky. But it's definitely possible. The calmer you stay, the easier parenting becomes.

dealing with tantrums


Like well lit fires, ADHD tantrums can be hard to extinguish. Finding good ways to handle them, extinguish them properly and not pour more fuel on them is critical to surviving your ADHD parenting.

knowing your child


Finding ways to relate to your child, or to better understand how their brain works will not only strengthen your relationship, it will enable your empathy with their struggle.

relating to teens


Fuzzy Mama is a great resource for those who are parenting teens with ADHD. You don't have to be a cool mom to get through to your kid, you just have to be willing to listen.

stop saying these things


"What is wrong with you?" "You know better!" "You never listen!" "You always do this!"  -STOP! Stop saying these things, and learn what to do instead.

Overall- Just keep trying. Don't give up. Your kids are worth it.